Monthly Archives: June 2015

War or Peace

Tildy and I took a walk in the drizzling rain this morning.  I noticed a cat crouched under a bush and was shocked to see that he was sharing his shelter.


See that bit of gray on the left.  It’s a bird!  I couldn’t believe it.  They were both so still and peaceful.  I was struck breathless.  I started to think about all of the problems of the world and thought that if these two could coexist so peacefully, maybe there is hope for humanity.


Right after I snapped this picture,  Tildy took notice and scared the cat away.  The bird didn’t move.

That made me think that maybe this wasn’t so peaceful.  Maybe the cat had maimed the bird and it had no choice but to sit there with the cat.  Maybe the bird was a prisoner and soon to be breakfast.

Either way, it made for and interesting morning.


Maybe Friday

I was supposed to pick up Tildy from the kennel today, but I had to extend her stay a few more days because walking her is still not an option for me right now.  I’ll get her on Friday, I hope.

I miss this little furball.


I Miss Her

Who wouldn’t miss this face?


She’s been gone since Saturday night and it seems like forever.  I have no reason to rush home after work.  I have nothing to make me get out of the house and take a walk (not that I can right now).  There’s nothing that forces me to go to bed on time.  I have no cuddle buddy.  There’s no one to greet me when I come home from work.

I used to think that Tildy would be my one and only dog and that after her, there would be no other.  Not having her here has made me rethink that idea.  There will never be another Tildy, but now that I’ve lived with a dog, I’m not sure that I want to live without one.

Zero Dark Thirty

I took Tildy to the kennel last night because I just didn’t feel well enough to take care of her.  Walking her was painful and I couldn’t fathom the idea of having to take her out in the middle of the night.

Even though her incontinence has become less frequent now that she’s not taking predinsone everyday, she still has to go out once or twice a night after I’ve fallen asleep.

Last night, I expected to sleep through the night since Tildy wasn’t here, but now that I’M taking a significantly increased dosage of prednisone, i had to get up a few times in the middle of the night and I found myself wide awake well before 5:00.  I snapped this picture after my third trip to the bathroom this morning.


It’s pretty lonely at zero dark thirty without Miss Tildy.  I hope I’m well enough to go get her in a couple of days.

We Need an On-call Dog Walker

Yesterday was pretty hot here.  The sun was still out and very bright when Tildy needed to go out in the evening. I tried to cut the walk short, but Tildy wasn’t having it.

I struggled during our walk, but paused in the shade of a bulldozer to get this shot.


Right after we walked away, I felt a sharp pain in my left leg, then I felt my foot fill up my shoe. Less than five minutes later, I had a fat and painful ankle.


My knee was pretty big too, but I couldn’t get a good picture.

This morning, I walked Tildy and every step was painful.  This afternoon, I took Tildy to the kennel for a few days because I’m in no condition to take care of her.  I felt so guilty dropping her off and now, as I lay in bed,  I am lonely without her.

I need to find an on-call dog walker.


For the eight years that I’ve had Tildy, I’ve wanted a shot of her sitting in front of a fire hydrant. Yesterday, I finally got my picture.  I couldn’t get her to sit because she was quite interested in a conversation going on down the street, but I’m happy with this shot.