“Be vewy, vewy quiet…”

About a month ago, Tildy and I spotted something quite out of the ordinary on one of our morning walks.  A pair of black rabbits seemed to be out for a morning hop.  The two were clearly together because they followed each other.  They weren’t afraid of the neighborhood cats, so I figured that they were early morning regulars or domesticated pets.  When we first saw them, they were moving away from us and were too far for me to get a good shot.

Earlier this week, I was able to get this shot before they hopped away.


The few times we’ve seen the rabbits, they’ve always been on the opposite side of the street.  This morning when we came upon them, they were leaving our side of the street.  By the time I was able to snap the picture, they were back across the street.


I don’t think Tildy saw them, but she certainly smelled them and it drove her crazy.  She started walking in circles, tracking their scent.


She was completely oblivious to the cat watching her. (See the rabbits way in the background?   I imagine them watching and laughing at Tildy as she’s running in circles after their scent.)


I let her play Elmer Fudd for about 20 minutes before I stopped the madness and took her home.  It was a funny morning.


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